wordpress problems

guys, how can you get google and another search engines to find you site?

Search engines like google will rank your pages by keyword and how many sites with an authority on that subject or keyword link to back to it. So if you want to appear on the first result page in google you have to start building up your back links.

one more thing, how can i change my site url without it disappearing from existence?

Ah, the usual nightmare of search engine algorithms and the like.


Here- have an article that goes into some details. You could spend months studying this stuff if you want- I don't- but there are people who spend a lot of time and effort on this stuff.

Search engines won't be your main source of traffic anywway for serial fiction. Just focus on getting your site up, your story going and then get listed here and around.

If this is still an issue, you might try having your main page in wordpress be a static page rather than a blog-roll or post. Just a thought. Wordpress seems to exist to hurt my feelings, though so maybe my logic on the issue isn't all that helpful.