Wordpress Themes for Webfiction?

Anyone have any suggestions for a good theme to use? My first thought was actually comicpress, because I'm looking for a nothing-below-the-fold structure, but Comicpress and I have decided to see other people/themes, so: what do you guys use?


I've customized Fauna for my site. Actually, I'm debating releasing a version with my customizations -- though I'd probably have to formalize a bunch of hacks if I were to do that.


My site runs the default theme, if you can believe that XD

I'm using MistyLook, which I'm quite pleased with. It's a pretty elegant two-column layout with a nice-sized banner up top.

I built my theme, but I have a colophon at http://www.loveandwartx.com/colophon/ explaining which vital plugins I'm using.I also borrowed code (for the homepage thumbnails) from the Morning After theme.

For other fiction projects I've used Thematic, Hemingway, and the Morning After.

My wordpress theme is Thirteen and I am happy with it. I find going to fiction sites where you have to search a sidebar to figure out the beginning, etc., is a bother. Thirteen enables you to make a static homepage with the contents and links to individual chapters. With this as a base a reader cam easily read sequentially or skip around. The url for my site is http://panflickinprogressprivate.wordpress.com/

My main blog is also Thirteen if you want to see how it works without a static home page.

I use "K2-lite" because it is one of the few I like that has navigation on single-post pages. With the others, there are no way to go to previous or next posts... which is rather problematic for publishing web series. (I'm hosted at wordpress.com so I don't have much control over my templates.)

I use Ahimsa and customized the poop out of it.

It will help a lot for my homework help


I have tried Coolzine theme from themeforest but It doesn't allows custom fiels It appears only images...

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I used to use suffusion, but it hasn't been updated in a couple years and is falling behind in usability. I've updated to Cordillera, which is a newer theme, but allows a decent amount of flexibility, including a front page grid with widgets as well as the ability to place columns on either side of the text. You can check out what I've done with it on my site http://thenewscifi.com/callitamission/01

I use Sunspot with a static homepage. I've been looking for (free) alternatives, but I fear changing what I've been using for 2 years and potentially turning people off who've gotten used to it. At some point I'll probably pay for Squarespace or something similar and learn how to make a real-deal website to house the thing, but right now I don't have the resources or time.

I use the Suits theme. It's simple with enough style and a very simple layout and it fills all my needs perfectly.

I despise busy themes that draw the eye away from the writing, so I work with the 'Plane' theme on From Winter's Ashes (http://fromwintersashes.wordpress.com). It's super-simple, clean, black text on white background, and it makes sure that the viewer is seeing what I want them to see, and not getting lost in the design.