Wordpress Version is out of date?

Updating my web profile kicks up the system message that the WFG's site is out-of-date on their version of wordpress; apparently version 4.2.2 is out, and we're on something like 3.4?

Thought you'd like to know, since it looks like a lot of security issues have been patched since then?

Shhh... Don't tell anybody. More seriously, WFG runs on a bunch of plugins Chris wrote. He's got to test them against each new WP version to make sure they don't fail, so he doesn't upgrade each time. I'd agree that it would be good if he updated, but he's got a lot to do on the site as is for normal operations.

Problem is, the scriptkiddies automate their hackery, Jim+Chris. If they go targeting security flaws, a lot could be broken in short order. :( Doesn't take anyone saying anything; the scripts will go looking themselves automatically.