Sorry for the delay. Life. Yes, PG gets to kill me creatively.

I will have some posts up later tonight with a framework for character design, as well as a post of story about the captain and pilot. (Dibs!)

I'm in the middle of holidays away at the moment with little time to write and limited internet access so I may be a little slow in getting a response to this one.

I think what Qorvus said is going for a lot of us at this point. We really need to get people back in the mood for anthologizing. Some sort of "Barry White for Writers" thing.

agreed. I'm writing a kind of Intro to teh ship, from the POV of the captain and teh pilot, to introduce new characters. Im going to leave the names anonomous, but also set up a few basic things about the group, so that I can rewrite it for other peoples characters.

PG, can you write something similar? I'm thinking a meeting about some new world opening up, what resources are being utilized, ect, being run by the HR manager from hell? something to help start shaping the departments and their interaction, with opening for people to insert their characters?

I can maybe try. This one idea I had might fit into that. If I can just confirm a couple things: ok, so they're traveling on ships somehow, apparently. Do these ships have some sort of transdimensional warp drive, or are there like gates or something to transport them to other Earths?

Do these travels take a long time? Like, are they traveling for months or even years just to get there, or is it pretty quick?

Is this Company actually on some isolated island or is it on its own Earth with, presumably, rules it's supposed to be playing by according to some external government?

so the main idea i think we were going with was that there is an otherworldly ocean, like a single "place" , that connects all the alternate worlds. Its not water, its not space, but its sailable, and things live in it, but it has a lot of weird rules of its own. I'm like the Ninth sea, or the other sea, as a name.

The ships have a method of moving from some real world to the Other Sea, then after reaching their port, "Docking" back into a reality. Different ships have different methods, largely depending on their original world. The first ships used "pilots", people with powers that let them slip into the other sea. our main ship will be one of those, with a pilot who is basically a witch. but some ships have devices, or alchemy, or magical charts.

I would say some trips would be quick, some longer, and the place isn't exactly beholden to real world rules, so there are known paths between places, but you can find faster ones sometimes, and popular routes are staked out and defended.

I would say its its own reality, but not an entire globe. I'm imagining about a 30 mile round island, with an ocean 2 miles around it, that then fuzzes naturally into the "other" sea further out, making it a perfect port, as even if your method of docking is lost, if you sail in the right direction, you'll get there.

Sorry that I'm taking so long on this and helping to hold everyone up. I wound up doing some, throwing it out, and starting on something new with it that I think is better. Also, learned of some interesting concepts that I'm bringing to the table. I think I have a name for our weird ocean-like place: The Super-Sargasso Sea.

So, basically, this guy named Charles Fort is like the founding father of all kinds of branches of "paranormal studies" type of stuff. Early Ufoology, Cryptozoology, all that. A lot of that stuff is just labeled as Fortean now because of him. He even invented the term teleportation. He once theorized, as a thought experiment, that lost objects might be teleported to this other dimension he called the Super-Sargasso Sea. It wasn't necessarily a sea. Also, he got the name from the Sargasso Sea, which is right next to the Bermuda Triangle.

It seemed like something that could be easily folded into the mythology of the whole mess, provided I can get this finished.

i like that. dont feel like you're holding anythign up though. I need to get the template and the captain welcome story up and out, which will help kickstart things and maybe answer a few questions, get other questions asked.

Just responded to the survey. The holidays were crazy, and then January was recovery and a few personal things on my end, so none of you were holding anything up as far as I'm concerned. ;) Consider me paying attention now. (Were there many other responses?)

@Psycho - That's a very interesting find. I imagine there's lots of lost socks there.

First off, what is this? I completely missed out because I haven't been here for weeks.

Second, I'd like to join, but I have what is possibly my shittiest job to date that, (while it pays the bills) takes up a hell of a lot of my time. I also have NIU, something potentially big that might either become a huge time sink or fall through, and planning for one or two successor to NIU.

Some months back, Alex Hollins had the idea of a bunch of people creating stories within some sort of shared world context:

After a vote on the genre (which ended up being a SciFi/Fantasy tie) there were some concepts tossed around:

The top concepts were discussed and voted on:

And now in this thread we're looking at characters. The idea was people could jump in and out at any time, so feel free to fill out the survey in the post above. It's in a bit of a holding pattern now since the concept is such that a framework for ship and company (being devised by Alex and Gecko respectively) will be used by all participants. Glad to see you drop by again t4nky, congrats on your second anniversary of NIU.

what he said! feel free to jump in, read the stuff thats up so far, make a character! even if you don't write a story later to go with, characters will get used! I guarantee it!

and if you do find time to write a short to go with, even better!