Worthwhile Websites?

Leave a list of all the sites you upload your stories to (besides your personal site, if you have one) and whether or not you think they're worth using.

Wattpad: Yes, worth it, assuming you're writing in the right genre. My popularity goes up and down depending on what story I'm posting. Amber Silverblood is a werewolf story, so it gets tons of reads. The Gray Ranger or Juryokine are high fantasy, so they get way fewer.

RoyalRoadL: Not worth it. I've been uploading there for a couple years now, and I only have a small handful of views and feedback. I'll probably drop this site once I finish the stories I'm on now.

Fictionpress: Not worth it, but that may be a personal thing. I don't know what happened, but the site suddenly stopped working for me earlier this year. I would upload the chapter like usual, but when I posted it, it would come out all... code-y. Like this: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3326078/5/Juryokine-Exile-of-Heroes. I haven't seen anyone else complaining about it, so like I said, it may just be me.

Deviantart: Not worth it. The options for uploading text are really limited (you can't even italicize) but I guess that's to be expected since it's a website built for visual arts like drawings. I had a few readers over the years, but they all eventually fell away.

One thing I'm curious about is Tumblr. Has anyone had any luck uploading serials there?

How do you upload chapters on Fictionpress, because if you do the copy paste method then you should switch to putting the chapter in a word doc of some type and then uploading it to the site. After I did this, I stopped having the problem you mention.

Tumblr is just a blog hosting platform, like Blogspot, Wordpress, etc., but it's geared more towards visual art and it isn't a very good service for wholesale story websites (unless you know what you're doing I guess). The community there is almost dead, too, so you won't be attracting too many readers unless you have something that is very specifically appealing to 16-25 year olds, mostly female.

Wattpad and Royal Road both have very, very specific niches that they fill and getting your serial story to be read on either of those services is very difficult outside those niches, unless you luck it out. Wattpad's largely teenage girls, Royal Road's largely teenage boys, and so for a lot of stories you won't be getting many viewers no matter how appealing the story may be.

I've never used Fictionpress, but I have made extensive use of fanfiction.net, and I can assure you Fictionpress isn't worth using if it's anything similar. Garbage website design, and I've never heard of Fictionpress having a great community (or much of anything, to be honest).

Tapas is apparently pretty good for webcomics; it also features a novel section though, but I've never heard if the functionality or community are any good. Just a little bit of browsing around showed that it has a pretty solid reader experience with infinite scrolling design, but then again Wattpad does that too and is still an iffy recommendation, so I'm not sure.

And then non-story sites that are often used for stories are usually not worth using, like Deviantart or Livejournal (is that still around?) or forum threads or IRC chat if you're just really into digital oral storytelling in all its transiency or something like that.

I always recommend just spending a few bucks and setting up your own website via Wordpress or Drupal or whatever because it looks better, though you completely lose out on the built-in community aspects to any of these other sites, so you can't just get readers accidentally. So... it's a matter of trade-offs no matter what you choose.

I stick to using my own sites. It just works better for me that way.