Wow, Done!

After a little over a year and a half of posting twice a week I've come to the end of Spots the Space Marine, which is at its completion a proper novel-length novel. It feels very strange to have finished, after I've been at it so doggedly for so long. This will be my fourth web serial; the first was Flight of the Godkin Griffin, which I started writing in 2003, followed by the two short-story collections about Kherishdar, The Aphorisms of Kherishdar and The Admonishments of Kherishdar.

I've already started the next, Black Blossom (, a fantasy of manners, and will probably start serializing an urban fantasy about angels in a few months.

After finishing four of these, I'm starting to come to some conclusions about the differences between writing serially and writing "in the garret." I hope those crystallize at some point. But until I have something more coherent to say than "OMG IT'S OVER I CAN FALLOVER NOW" I will just say: come read the new serial while it's only 10 episodes in! This is gonna be a long one! :)

Hey, congratulations!

Was Spots plotted out in advance when you started, or was it a more organic, seat-of-your-pants process? Did you have an ending in mind when you started?

I knew the ending (very generally, we're talking "there's a Queen and Fang shoots her" general here). But everything else I wrote basically on the fly. I usually knew 1-4 scenes ahead what was coming up next, but that's about as far in the future as I knew. :)

Alien manners suits you. Seems to come very naturally out of your creative thought, and I think it'll do well for you :)