Writers' Asylum: challenges ahoy!

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, I organise a pile of writing events in my area (mostly for NaNoWriMo, but also spanning the rest of the year). This month, I'm doing my first tandem local and online event, and wondered if you might be interested in joining in.

The event is the Writers' Asylum, a day of writing challenges. 6 hours, 6 challenges, 1000 words each. The challenges will span genres, moods, and styles. Crazy? You betcha.

It's taking place on Saturday April 20th (starting on Friday 19th for those of you in the USA, because I'm in Australia and live in the future). The challenges are going up on my writing blog throughout the event (thank you, Wordpress scheduler) for those who want to take part online, and there will be chatter on IRC as well.

Full details are here: http://writer.apocalypseblog.com/writers-asylum/

I included a breakdown of the timing across timezones on the page, because I know how much of a headache that is. You can always do the challenges in your own time if you wish and can't make it when they go live.

Hope you join us! Should be a blast. :)