Writers who have gotten art done, what was your reaction?

I recently got some hotfoot art, and It was weird seeing my creations come to life. It was kinda surreal, looking at characters who had been in my head for so long. So i wanted know what you guy's think about your art, professional or fan made. Links to images would also be awesome!

I find it super useful to have at least a few pieces of art. In particular a banner is very important, and so is a character sketch.

Which is why I got these commissioned.

Link: http://carloscara.deviantart.com/art/The-Iron-Teeth-578476140

I use them all the time for different things like: Ads, social media, forum signatures, making my website professional looking, etc.

That guy has a pretty good style. How the hell do you contact him for a quote without a DA account?


I think DA accounts are pretty easy to make though, and if you have one you can post commissions in their forum. You usually get a lot of responses from a lot of talented artists if you do that.

Does photography count? I had a photographer find a model who looks like my first POV character, dress her up like my POV character, and instruct her to pose / assume a facial expression that is typical for that character.


I needed the photograph for an ebook cover. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find stock art for tomboyish, fully dressed Asian teenage girls.

I was really weird to me at first, like I was wondering what I communicated with my writing about the character. But then I realized that there's a unique idea of what my character looks like in the head of every reader and it won't ever be the same as I see it. It's pretty cool how characters gain infinite, disparate lives outside of your work. Every person will see them differently.

I've actually taken that concept of everybody seeing characters differently and used it as a plot point XD It's also why I stopped illustrating things myself, because I didn't want people to take my interpretations as the 'canon' ones. Plus it saves a lot of time (which I can spend writing instead).

I've a list of artists I'd like to commission somewhere, though I need to commission several of them at once so I can avoid the aforementioned 'canon interpretation' thing.

@Dary That's a pretty cool idea, ill check your story out.

I've worked on several visual novels with different artists, so I have been fortunate enough to see my characters illustrated quite a few times. It never stops being a wonderful feeling. Fan art gives off an even better feeling than official work. The artwork I use for Redwood Crossing's advertisements come from the illustrations that were made for it when it was originally a visual novel. None of that art is on the site proper, though, since they don't quite match and there's not art of everyone.

I've always made some rough sketches of my own characters. Then with personified math, it felt like a requirement that I be able to draw them weekly, since part of the gag is that they look like their graphs. And after THAT I felt like I needed an image so the update would pop out on social media. So on the one hand, seeing my characters is standard fare.

That said, I've also commissioned work at anime conventions, partly to get a new artist's take on my characters (I provide a rough sketch of my own as the baseline) and partly to support artists. I almost always enjoy the way they're portrayed by others - in part because I know my drawing skills are weak.

Some personified math were in this update: http://mathtans.blogspot.ca/2013/07/s5166b-art-aside-lyn-root.html

And here's Carrie, main character of "Time & Tied": http://sabrnyan.tumblr.com/post/86965690628/oc-commission-art-watercolour-jump

And Alison, who runs the "Epsilon Project" is in this post (along with Julie): http://mathiex.blogspot.ca/2015/07/anime-north-2015.html

@Chrysalis: That's kind of fascinating.

@Dary: I've used appearance as a plot point too, in Fractal City, but still try to incorporate my drawings. (I'm a bit of a loose canon.) For instance: http://mathtans.blogspot.ca/2013/10/s6187-chide-of-chaotica.html

I've had a lot of art done for TOKoR, in a large part by the other person I was working with for the first draft of the story, but those were all interpretations of what my characters looked like to her (which she almost always got wrong, like whitewashing everybody and confusing herself when she tried to badly un-whitewash them). But since that was the majority of the pictures, a tiny bit of what she drew got stuck in my head.

When I got some art commissioned based on the actual, real descriptions (you can see it here: http://theotherkindofroommate.com/art/), it was - like... I don't know. The characters did seem slightly surreal to me, too. They looked exactly like how I wanted them to look, but I guess because for one of the main ones that I'd been so used to seeing drawn wrong, it was a funny realization to go, "Oh, so THAT'S what he looks like!"

For my other main character, she was brand spankin' new, so I took the art right away. It was a much milder, "Yep, that's her, good work."

@Dary - Ooh, nice idea!

I do most of my own art for Antlers, CO! The cast page has little illustrations of every character -> http://antlerscolorado.tumblr.com/characters <- and I also do extra illustrations when I have the time. A lot of my friends have done fanart, too, and it pretty much always gives me the warm fuzzies when I see it.