Writing fantasy/rpg like webnovel. Chronicle of the Eight Star Generals

Like mentioned in the title I am writing the webnovel Chronicle of the Eight Star Generals at the moment. I want to have a few more readers mainly to get some input since I am still a total beginner at writing novels and since english is not even my native language.

I do not know if there is another/better place to promote yourself on this side so I am just posting it here I guess.

You can find my story here. https://lyldynovels.wordpress.com/

I appreciate any kind of input, thanks. ^^

I took a look at it, and just in the first few paragraphs, you could really use a few edits for flow, grammar, and spelling; which is understandable, and this is actually quite good with the circumstances considered. If you could perhaps put it into a google document and give me access, I could help make the edits.

Prologue is spelled, "Prologue."

Your site is simple and easy to navigate, so that's good. I second the critique about about flow.

I think you are off to a great start, though!