Writing someone else's story by accident

So... interesting thing happened to me this morning. Woke up to the first alarm, hit the bathroom, slapped snooze for 20 minutes, then slid back in to bed and cuddled up to my snoring wife. That's not interesting, that happens every morning.

And, as happens... often, my mind, half awake, half asleep, starts wandering story in building mode. And I started mentally plotting and outlining a story that I had been working on. I realized, half asleep, that I had NO idea where teh story was going beyond a vague direction, which was weird because thats usually the first thing I plot. I also realized that I needed at least two groups of four minor characters for some upcoming events. So i started building some people in that, almost a dream, abstract kind of way. I start building some events into place, making a timeline of events, some rules for some fighting that I know is going to happen. Then the alarm goes off again, and I wake up the rest of the way. Go to start writing down some of the thoughts floating in my head, so I dont lose them, and stop dead.

Wait... thats... thats not MY story.

I spent 20 half awake minutes this morning, creating two teams of Garzoni for other Studio Masters in the Maddiroses' Twisted Cogs serial, and had plotted out several studio fights. I have to admit, I've had self insert dreams before where I've put myself or new cahracters into an existing world and events, but I've never CONTINUED a work mentally like that. Especially in that mindset. Anyone else ever start writing something and realize you were writing someone elses story by accident?

Hahaha that's fantastic.

I've never written someone else's story by accident persay but I do remember a couple dreams I've had in which I rewrote a movie or show I watched that day. Particular movies and shows I found less than impressive. I had a particularly good one after watching 1408 (that one with John Cusack in the demonic hotel room) and at the time of dreaming it, I was absolutely certain that my script for it was a far better progression than theirs.

Too bad I can't remember it anymore :P

Thats why I write it down as soon as I wake up, or its gone.

I've been thinking about some kind of dream journal, but I'm not sure I wan't my dreams to become written realities.

I had a dream last night that was so interesting and epic and I wanted to remember it so badly that in subsequent dreams I told people about it so that it stayed with me all night.

And then I woke up and actually remembered it and it was really stupid.

Dream judgment isn't the best.

krono, had that happen a bunch too. which is actually a good reason to write them down. makes you feel less bad about the ones you missed.

Bahaha, how delightful.

This actually happens to me quite a lot too (although in my case it's more extensions to characters than to stories), but it's definitely not a bad thing! Getting ideas for interactions between characters or scenarios is great no matter what inspired them, since those interactions can be dropped into a lot of different settings and stories! It sounds like you've got characters, powers, events, fights, all just waiting for a fresh coat of paint and a little sprucing up.

I hear all the time that "there are only X number of plots out there", and although I've heard different sources say "X" is seven, twenty, thirty-six etc, they all seem to agree that plots are finite. The real trick is to take those plots and run with them, making them your own.

Also on the subject of keeping dream journals, I had rather disturbing experiences with this, because I would apparently wake up in the middle of the night, drunkenly scrawl a description in the book, and then *not remember doing so when I woke up*.

This would lead to rather unnerving mornings where I would flip through my book and find, in my (albiet shaky) handwriting, "I had so many fingers so many creepy fingers and all of them want to grab my face" O_O

I've done this a few times, though not a lot of works seep into my unconscious deeply enough for it to happen while I'm dreaming! Though now that I think of it, I had that happen at least once during the weeks it took me to work my way through Worm.

Maybe the conscious variation of this is where fanfiction comes from.

Heh, I am actually thinking of writing up a bit of it as fanfic, lol.

Also, I definitely had some Worm dreams during the last arc. they were.... not pretty.