Wuxia Novel Recommendation

This is an ancient fantasy novel serialized on the Chinese website of the starting point, the author is the starting point platinum writer Heavenly Silkworm Potato. “Battle Through the Heavens” dominated the lists as soon as it was released, with more than 140 million clicks. It is a very classic fantasy novel. The novel is now over.
The genius Xiao Yan started practicing at the age of 4, reached the ninth level at the age of 10, broke through the tenth at the age of 11, and became the youngest and tallest cultivator in the family in a century. However, at the age of 12, he “lost” his self-cultivation ability and only possessed three stages. For three full years, she was left out by the family, despised by others, and broke off an engagement by her fiancee.
Just when he was about to despair, a ray of soul emerged from the ring in his hand, and a brand new door opened in front of him! Xiao Yan once again became the leader of the younger generation in the family, and was admired by everyone. But he was not satisfied with this. Break off an engagement was a shame for the young boy. Xiao Yan came to the Warcraft Mountains, and with the help of the elders, he further improved his cultivation. In the Warcraft Mountains, he got acquainted with Xiaoyixian, Yunzhi and others, and he found that the world he faced was wider.