Yay, Theft

Hi guys,

I was just contacted this morning by a writer whose work was being nicked and sold on eBay without permission. Turns out, my own STREET: Empathy is on the list as well. It looks like the seller is getting these off of getfreeebooks.com and selling them on for $1.99 a pop. So, if your work is available through that site, it may be worth taking a look to make sure. The offending store can be found here: http://stores.ebay.com/Grecian-Gold

If your work is there, or if you know anyone whose work is there, please post to let us know. The more people we get in touch with about this, the better.




First, both you and the other author should contact E-bay to let them know what is up. Then you should contact the seller as well, and ask them to discontinue selling your work.

I don't know if you've registered your work with the US Copyright Office or any other such office, but you have legal remedies even if you haven't (things are just easier, and more costly for infringers, if you have).

It looks like this seller is taking a lot of public domain works (Carrol, Dickens) and then selling them.

But this totally sucks.

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your post. I'm not too worried about my own legal recourse, since the copyright for Empathy is clearly stated in the contract I've got with Gryphonwood, and I'm already somewhat familiar with these waters. At the moment we're trying to let people know there's an organisation fraudulently selling ebooks and others here might be affected.

They haven't replied to my big fat cease & desist yet, but even if they never do, what they're doing is a clear violation of ebay's user agreement. It'll be easy as pie to nail them on that.



Most of what they're selling are PLR books--stuff written for hire that is then sold in packets of ebooks to entrepreneurs like this. Eventually they pass into the realm of the free. They've snuck a few novels in like yours. I hope you get their attention.

Mine's there.

I've got no problem with people posting the stuff for free, but making a buck on it sucks.

I've sent them an email to take my book down as well. Keep us posted on what happens, Ryan, and thanks for letting us know.

Hmm...seems the entire store has been removed. :)

Don't be fooled, VJ -- the store may be gone, but the books are still there, consolidated directly under the seller's personal account.


Only the logos and stuff relating to the 'Grecian Gold' store has been removed. God knows why.



Yeah, actually after posting I did some digging and found it again.

Now, however, following your link, I don't see Breathless in the bunch, but I do still see Street.

Maybe she hid it after I emailed her.

Here's how to deal with it...

Go to the ebay intellectual property rights page here (you don't have to be a member):


Download the reporting form, fill it in and fax it to ebay. The offending item should be removed within 24 hours. Once you have established your bona fides by faxing the first report you can make further reports by email.

You don't have to contact the seller at all - and in fact there's no point, you'll just get a mouthful of abuse and nonsensical justification.

Ebay say repeat offenders will be barred (which is why the store was taken down) but Ryan is right, the sellers just pop up again. The only thing to do is keep zapping them. Maybe one day they'll get the message.