Yet Another Review Swap Thread

My serial, Warbler, is officially listed now, (I did that dumb 'edit the submission after 2.5 weeks so it goes to the back of the line' thing,) so I'd like to ask if there's anyone looking to do a Review Swap?

I haven't ever done a review swap so I'll give it a try. It'll take me a couple weeks to get it posted, but I'll do it.

I just finished getting up to date with Warbler after seeing you in the new listings, so I dropped you a review!

I also feel like I need to point out that I've been told my first chapter is terrible, but the rest are better. So yeah, sorry about that.

Heck yes. I heard Warbler is hard science-fiction, and that is right up my alley. I took that same mindset into a fantasy story. I'll do a review swap with you, for sure. :)

Emma and Patrick Rochefort, I would absolutely love to do a swap with both of you!

The review for Sin Eater is up, and Patrick, I'll have the one for From Winter's Ashes up in a few days.

Thank all both so much!

Just made you a thank you thread. Wanted to let you know that I'll have your story read and a review up by next weekend if not sooner.

If you're still willing, I'd be willing to do a review swap with you!

Blaine, totally! I've already added it to my Bookshelf!

Awesome, I'll get to your review this weekend! Can't wait to read Warbler.

Okay Blaine, I uploaded my review of Kings and Queens-great work!

Also, Patrick, I'm reading From Winter's Ashes and loving it.

I'm late to the party, but I'm up for swapping with anyone who wants me to. I need people to comfort or confirm my fears about writing an ensemble web serial!

TakenTongue, I'll review swap with you, if you'd like.

TakenTongue, I'll also take you up on that. It'll be a little while, as I need to finish reading From Winter's Ashes, but I'll definitely do it.

Alright Blaine and JPV1000, I'll take you both up on that. I should have it done in about a week.

Looks like fun. I've been trying to do one review per weekend as a personal challenge. But keep in mind my reviews are... historically rather brutal.

TaraNari, if you're looking for a swap, I'll absolutely take you up on that.

Sure. I'll get to it tomorrow, probably. Any details on what sort of story to expect, or am I diving in blind?

Mine tells you the plan on the home page, so. :p

Basically it's post-apocalyptic, character-driven, semi-Hard Science Fiction. (At least, that's what it tries to be.)

If I may use the horrible 'X meets Y' formula of describing what something is, it's vaguely like Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica. It's got a rather large cast of characters, just FYI-there's a 'Characters' page on the site that I've been told it's helpful to keep open. Finally, it's got some Hard SF elements in that I go into some detail about orbital mechanics at points, although there's one piece of BS physics that enables FTL travel/communication.

Thanks a ton!

I should point out one of my favorite writers of all time is Clarke. Crichton's okay, too, but his claims hard scifi when it's really just making shit up. Hell, I even read 'Body at War' (one hell of a read- highly recommended), because I heard it was a nonfiction story about immunobiology. Needless to say, hit me with your best.

Large casts are fine by me. My first story had no less than thirty characters that got at least one chapter dedicated to their perspective. Most got a great deal more than that.

I'm struggling to keep the cast of my current book to a reasonable size. The plan is to make a Diskworld style serial out of my setting, so I can save characters and use them later!