Yet Another Stats Post

Well, I may as well join in. My viewer stats for the past year for Stone Burners:

July 2015: 2065

August: 1815

September: 2218

October: 2177

November: 1775

December: 1790

January: 1771

February: 1673

March: 2066

April: 1905

May: 1695

June, as of the 12th: 798

Here is a more detailed spreadsheet, with views and wordcounts over the last three years, that I promise is not full of viruses:

A couple things to note:

1. I saw a large dip beginning in March of 2014, I moved from two updates a week to one. While I would love to do two per week, I am super slow. While my views took a hit, the quality of my writing didn't, so I regret nothing. However, this should be a fairly obvious lesson for everyone else.

2. Big spike in view in December, 2014. Me, and a ton of other serials, got mentioned on, which as far as I know, is some big anime/manga forum thing.

3. Massive drop off from June to July, 2015. I'd been slowly building and building since that Bato link, and an April Fools post on Drew Hayes' (thanks again!) site really helped. Then I stopped updating for May (I'll get to that in a moment) and July. The July stop was due to an intense summer class my major required me to take.

4. I have a bad habit of just straight up not updating in May. Coupled with my senior year kicking me in the teeth in general, my updating got spotty. As such, my viewer-ness/view-ocity/whatever stayed pretty static after September, 2015. I'm just gonna quote Wilbow here, "Consistency is key." In hindsight, maybe not an exact quote, but you get the drift.

5. Big jump this March and April. I finally got consistent for a bit, the stars aligned, and Drew Hayes (again, thanks!) let me do a guest post on his site in April. My whole "fuck May" thing killed that jump, though.

6. If you're looking at the spreadsheet, the third graph on the Updates sheet was an attempt to correlate views and update length. It doesn't really work, there are too many other factors. There are big jumps in views, usually the last update before a break. It stays on the front page for an extra week to a month, so it gets a ton of views. Also, in general, the longer an update is around, the more views it gets, plain and simple. In hindsight, I should have done "how many views in the first week" on the Y axis, but I don't have access to that data. I'll do that next serial.

I hope this helps/is informative.

If I am understanding correctly, you've been posting for at least 2 years. It might be helpful to show those stats, even if only every 6 months.

Until I read the whole post, I thought you had over 2000 readers the first month you started. :P

I don't get these numbers. Are these the daily average for that month? The number of views on a newly posted chapter? Or something else? I'm super confused!

Blaise: I didn't want to make the original post too long but here you go. January is the latest I have, I don't have the numbers for November and December of 2013, Wordpress ate them:

January 2014: 801

February: 1150

March: 1145

April: 1003

May: 1196

June: 1379

July: 1091

August: 1283

September: 1527

October: 1563

November: 1504

December: 1980

January 2015: 1808

February: 1811

March: 2200

April: 2500

May: 2442

June: 2666

Chrys: What? Just the number of viewers of the site each month.

@Syphax sorry to be so dense. XD With 'site' do you mean the landing page / first chapter views?

6 hour editing days turned my brain to mush. Forgive me!

The... the site. The whole site. No page in particular.

Oh. I think I got 'viewers' and 'views' confused. All clear now. Sorry! XD

I don't even know how to check the unique viewers for each month (as opposed to unique viewers each day). I feel so blonde!

My guess is that Syphax is using the host's reporting tool instead of something more specific like Jetpack.

I'm getting something like >3000 unique visitors to my site a month right now but only a little over 1k of those are unique, dedicated readers.

With Jetpack, you can see how many people visited a page, how many clicked on your links, where your visitors are coming from, etc.