Your Character appears in the Real World

So, one day, there's a knock on your door. You open it to see your own Character (whatever character of yours you want) staring back at you. If they have powers, their abilities work in our world. One supposes there's some plot contrivance to give them a way back, but it probably involves a convoluted adventure.

Scenario 1) They know who you are. They know what you did. And they'd like some "words" with you.

Scenario 2) They have no idea who you are, where they are, or how they got there. They just appeared in front of your door. If they wouldn't bother knocking, then they just appear inside your home.

How do you suppose this works out?

Scenario 2) She wouldn't find me because I don't have a porch, and there's two other apartment doors on the same floor as mine.

She'd wander around, wondering how the hell she got teleported to Switzerland and into the future, apparently. She'd be smart enough to eventually figure out that no one in this world has powers, and that she should keep hers hidden. She'd build a new life for herself, maybe get married, have kids and actually die from old age - the chances of that happening would be much lower in my story. :P

Scenario 1) Seeing as I'd have no idea how to send her back to her alternate universe, we'd become buds and I'd help her build her new life faster. This would actually be kind of cool. I've always wanted a friend with secret superpowers.

Fine, then they appear inside your home. The point is, you come face to face with your character.

It's easy to imagine how that would go down. Big WTF, followed by disbelief, followed by a demonstration of superpowers and me wondering if I've lost my mind. Asking a friend if they can see and hear that half-Chinese chick who speaks American English. Eventually, acceptance. And the things described above.

I might also have to kill my friend (the only other witness) because knowledge of superpowers is dangerous!

(Just kidding)

My character? I think we'd just have a drink or talk about random film references. He's a little behind on the newest memes, which I'm pretty sure he'd LOVE. I haven't done anything TERRIBLE to him, after all.


Both I and my character are antisocial, so there's that. :(

If it was POV character #2, she'd eventually get shot by the police because her power is too friggin dangerous for ANY world, and she wouldn't be smart enough to keep it secret forever. They wouldn't be able to 'disappear' her, either. Not with THAT power.

POV character 3 would try to change the world for the better and eventually die or get 'disappeared', but not before amassing millions of fans and followers worldwide. I can just imagine the ruckus they'd cause. It would be like a new religion, but with 10 times as many fanatics.

Edit to add: I just realized how I'm more focused on 'effects on the world' than my personal experience with the character. I wonder what that says about me :S

... I think in both scenarios I probably get bludgeoned around (possibly lethally) by Heather Blackthorne's mace. ._.

(Scenario 1) They know who you are. They know what you did. And they'd like some "words" with you.)

I'm dead. I am so very dead. It might not be fast. It won't be pretty. But it will be inevitable. Eh... well, Warren would let me off with a savage beating... but the others? I'm dead.

(Scenario 2) They have no idea who you are, where they are, or how they got there. They just appeared in front of your door. If they wouldn't bother knocking, then they just appear inside your home.)

Ho boy... I'll be as nice as possible, and suicidally depressed knowing that I inflicted horrific things on people I now know to be real. Though some of them might STILL kill me.

You guys have some merciless characters. None of them would forgive you for having meant no harm beyond writing a story? :)

Their appearance and mindset would itself likely trigger the very events that lead to the future they come from, only far too early and before we have the technology to build arcologies, therefore resulting in the near-complete extermination of humankind.

I'd love for my characters to show up. It either means A) earth is going to be 'Liberated' by Utopians and all our problems are solved, B) we're all dead (darn), or C) I'm God. 2 out of 3 chance things are great.

Thank you for the interesting Shyamalan twist, Sharkerbob.

My current web serial is a set of interconnected tales being told to core characters about an evolving set of events. So I have a few main characters showing up. Now, I'm absolutely terrified of these multiple visits.

A younger Jykal would enter into my house and continually ask me where he was, where his soulmate had gotten to, and how he could get back home as fast as possible. An adult Jykal would simply stare me straight in the eyes and slowly, deliberately, drive his ancient sword through my chest, watching the life drain out of me. He wouldn't even gain any satisfaction out of the act, he would simply know it needed to be done.

A younger Ghelta... Oh dear gods, she would destroy my house. It would be like Leeloo from the Fifth Element, only angry, and very prone to destroying personal items. An older Ghelta would come right in, sit down on my couch, and begin asking me for days why I put her through hell. She'd rip me apart and burn my house to the ground before she went back.

The Jackal, when he showed up, wouldn't want to talk to me at all. He'd wait for one of the other characters to kill me, and then interrogate my ghost (provided I had one). Then he would harvest me instead of putting me to rest and take me into the world I created to see the full extent of the horrors I unleashed.

The God-Empress Shenikyrr would be the most civilized of all of them. She'd show up, break my couch (given she is almost 11 feet tall), and ask me a few questions about why I created her to be the way she is. She'd thank me, probably, given that she is a living god with a great deal of ability and time on her hands. But, given her nature and how I wrote her, she wouldn't let me live. She'd see me as a corrupt god-entity that she would have to put down and absorb. At least the death would be quick.

I didn't realize I made such a violent fantasy setting filled with so many people losing their minds and becoming monsters. Damn. I'm a cruel bastard.

You'd think, what with my serial only being 1 month and 2 days old, that my characters would be okay with me. Not so much. Four of them just spent most of the last year being psychologically and physically tortured and the fifth endured the torture for an entire year, so yeah.

I'm pretty much screwed whatever scenario we go with.

That is interesting. From Chrysalis' remark, it makes me wonder what if someone was writing MY life, and I came face to face with them. Whereby my response, after some thought, would be along the lines of "I guess it could have been worse - am I at least entertaining?".

For personified math: On the one hand, that's kind of a story I'd been contemplating writing. And I'd probably want someone to guest lecture at school. And if they knew me, they might be pleased by my efforts to make math more mainstream. But on the other hand, I think they'd be as much of a "fish out of water" as Para is in the "Epsilon" universe, and I can't see them acclimating. We'd need to get them home.

For "Epsilon": I feel like their reaction would be much like mine was in that first paragraph. I think we'd get along. I hope we would, I definitely feel connected to my Alisons.

For "Time & Tied": They're teenagers, and I've been kind of horrible, so... actually, most of the girls would demand to know why I put them through all that, and most of the guys (who tend to be foils to the girls) would probably just be upset on their behalf. ... Goddamn, did I give ANY of the female characters a normal home life? ... My God, Chartreuse is the closest, and she's bisexual. Oh dear. Anyway, if we assume they don't know me, I'd probably be up front about it, because I'm too honest, leading back into Scenario One. Unless it's Carrie from Timeline Three. Honesty is not the best policy there, given the Carrie from Timeline Four... actually, if any Carrie comes, I'll need to check my house insurance.

I've got a lot of characters to choose from across a number of settings. I'll just go with the first one, Nhaqosa.

1) Given he is a hulking two and a half metre, 250kg minotaur he'd have some troubles getting through the door. While he has been through a lot (enslaved, forced to fight as a gladiator, watching many friends die around him and various other problems) he is not in any way vindictive or cruel. I'd be okay as long as I apologised.

2) That sounds oddly like what actually happened to him - he found himself in a world not of his own and set out to try and make his way home, righting wrongs along the way. He'd probably end up doing the same as long as he wasn't arrested for being a vigilante or captured for not being human.

Scenario 1) I am discovered dead from having a horse shoved halfway up my rectum because that's as far as he could convince the horse to go with nothing but an apple and a cattle prod. Gecko takes over writing himself, becomes the omnipotent deity of his multiverse, screws up, and everyone dies.

Scenario 2) My laptop's discovered with the latest story entry reading, "And then magically this really hot redhead with a thing for losers from Florida follows after Gecko and decides to-" And that's probably as far as I got before Scenario 1 plays out.

Incidentally, the unique part of Scenario 2 was made into a movie by someone else called Ruby Sparks that shows just how creepy it would actually be.

@Psycho Gecko LoL!

As for me, I think Size Queen would just end up beating my ass in both scenarios :P

Stef would stare at me, maybe cry a bit for all the trauma I've caused her, then sit down, and angrily eat a cookie whilst taking over my TV to use the PlayStation.

1) I have far, far, far too many characters, but I figure a vast majority of them are going to take umbrage with what I've done. So... I'm not liking my odds.

2) I feel I would have to tread very cautiously, depending on who showed up. It might be manageable, but my characters run the gauntlet from small talking animals with no "special" abilities to full blown cosmics. And virtually all of them have super powers.

Scenario 1) I don't think either of the main characters of my serial would kill me, but they'd be upset. They may try to convince me to write them a happier storyline. Come to think of it, I think that was a Once Upon a Time plotline...

Scenario 2) After getting over the initial shock, I'd have to take her in and become her legal guardian. I know too much about her to kick her out, lol. It'd be a lot to explain to everyone why I suddenly have a teenage daughter, but I'd have to make it work. If it weren't for her animal traits, Shreya would be easier to raise and would try to get a job so she wouldn't be a burden. Ellie, though... Knowing what she's capable of, I'm cringing.