Your Workspace!

We did a "where do you write" thread, so I thought I might start a "show us your workspace" thread! While I write pretty much wherever I can find the time, the place I do all the business work (and some of the writing) is in a corner of my living room. Here's my living space: standing desk has the monitor, sitting desk has all the markers.

What does your "office" look like? :)

Wow, so neat...

I made a big effort to tidy mine last weekend ant its still a tip... Full of car things as I don't have a garage. Most of the time I do my writing in bed or on the sofa, I only really come to the office to do any drawing.

This is the distracting part of my home office. It is mostly overrun by things to do art with. And books. LOADS of books.

So cool seeing everyone's work place! It makes you all more REAL. :D

Hmm... I move between my kitchen table and the studio I share with my husband. This is an old photo. It's a lot cleaner now (really!):

edited to add that he has employees coming in and out so we have a bunch of stations set up for painting comics. I just use whatever desk is empty at the moment.

I approve of those posters...

ah me too - but I knew he was a Miyazaki fan - I could see homages to Nausicaa and Laputa in Amulet :)

I should probably be ashamed to share this, but I'm not...

We have several toys in common, Pooka. :)

My desk at home where I do blogging/publishing/layouty things that require computer and internet:

My table at the cafe where much of my "proper" fiction work gets done nowadays:

One of them is much more cluttered than the other.

I'm willing to bet my wife will find the level of mess embarrassing, but here's where I work...

We don't have a permanent home down here at the moment, so I'm working out of my mother-in-law's sewing room. Or the spare bedroom where we sleep. Or wherever I can find space. So I won't post any pictures because there's nothing useful to show.

Jim, I'm not sure which one I love most, the fact that there's three computers set up in a row, the cat picture, or all those books.....actually I think it's the books...yep definitly the books. I'm a sucker for a full bookshelf.

casanders, if I turned the camera round and showed you the rest of the shelves there might be a fair few more! :-)

I sometimes escape the clutter for a cafe, too, Nick! I'm not really sure whether my clutter helps or hinders concentration - I think I can be distracted by any little thing, but when there's that many little things they merge together and fade into the background. In the same way, one conversation within earshot in an otherwise silent space is really distracting, but in a busy cafe the many voices become a background hum that's almost a soothing background to work against.

There's this website that actually simulates the sound of a coffee shop if you need it to work:

But to be honest, it's more about being forced into a public space and left without the option of pacing about and distracting myself. Shame, really, as just using the site would be a lot cheaper.

My desk is probably as messy as most of yours. The "Desk of Disaster" after a few minutes of throwing away random paper that had taken up residence upon it.

Jim.... all those computers, do you each have your own? :D

Sgl: We've actually got accounts on each computer. We've mostly got the ability to edit what's on one computer on the others, so it really doesn't matter which is used. The one on the left runs Linux, in the middle Windows, and on the right, a Mac. I've mostly worked on the Mac lately.

Naomi: There's 60 feet of shelving down there and we're still putting books on the floor. The section on the left is mostly fiction (SF, fantasy, and graphic novels), but also music history and my wife's social work textbooks. On the right is largely religion, history, sociology, and comp sci.

The cat poster is my wife's.